With supporting needy children, buying food parcels and other urgent items, we are always in need of MONEY, but sometimes we are in need of OTHER THINGS, like food, clothes, stationery, toys, baby goods, etc

If you are the position to assist us with anything, and we mean ANYTHING, please visit this page to see what we are in need for right now.

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This is our biggest fundraising event for the year. Every year a bunch of happy adventurers take part in aTube Race from iDwala Carbonates property (our access to the river) to the low level bridge on the mighty Mzimkulu river. It is a 14km course for those with a spirit of adventure. Navigating the river on rafts made entirely out of inner tubes and ropes, they face a few good challenges because of the river itself and the movement of their rafts.

Visit our Tube Race website to read more about this fantastic event and how to enter. We can only take a limited mount of entrants, so book early!

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Without our large corporate sponsors, our task would be much more difficult, in fact we might have reached the end of the road were it not for them.

These are companies that give without asking anything in return.

They deserve special mention here.

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